What Is Plasma Pen Pro (PPP)?

Plamere Plasma Pen Pro (PPP) is our newest machine that harnesses the power of plasma, a fourth state matter (Solid, Liquid, Gas, Plasma), to help reduce or eliminate certain skin conditions and concerns, such as wrinkles, fine lines, moles, skin tags, etc.


Through the process of ionization, our PPP unit is able to create an electric charge, or ARC.  This arc is focused on a target on the surface of the skin, which causes a controlled burn, which dissipates heat throughout the area being targeted. This technique causes the elimination of moles,  skin tags and pigmentation, etc.  Moreover, the dissipation of heat throughout the skin being targeted causes your body to send fibroblasts to the area and lay down collagen and elastin fibers, which promotes plumping and tightening of the skin.

Plasma Pen Pro treatments are:

- Newest Skin Treatment in the Beauty Industry

- Non-Invasive Treatments

- Non surgical Techniques

- No Scalpel or Surgical Cutting of the Skin

- No Bruising

- No Bleeding

- Limited Downtime

- Immediate Results

- Painless with Anesthetic Cream

- Safe and Effective Treatment

PPP Training Cost

The cost of our Plasma Pen Pro (PPP) Training and Certification Program is $4000 USD.

This includes:

- Plamere Plasma Pen Device

- PPP Manual

- Plasma Pen Accessories

- Live Models (When Available)

- Taxes

- Supplies and Materials

- Certification and Insurance Information

For upcoming Plamere Plasma Pen Training Dates and Locations, please click here!

For more information about the Plasma Pen Pro Training and Certification Program, please CLICK HERE to go to our PPP Training Page.



What Are You Able To Treat Using PPP?

With our PPP Training Program, our students will be able to conduct the following treatments using our Plasma Pen Pro Unit:

- Fine Lines

- Crows Feet Lines

- Eyebrow ptosis

- Nasal Labial Folds / Laugh Lines

- Marionette Lines

- Smokers / Kissing Lines

- Neck Lines

- Drooping Skin / Loose Skin

- Moles

- Skin Tags

- Pigmentation Removal

- Age Spot Removal

- Liver Spot Removal

- Freckle Removal

- Scar Removal

- Stretch Mark Removal

- Permanent Makeup Removal (Eyebrows and Microblading)

- Scalp Micropigmentation Removal / Blowout Removal

Before and After PPP Pictures and Videos

(Click on image to view more info)


CONTACt Plasma Pen Pro (PPP)

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