Most common ppp training questions

What is Plasma Pen Pro (PPP) Training?

Plasma Pen Pro (PPP) are the leading providers of Plasma Skin Treatments, and are expanding globally to train PPP technicians in the correct manner in order to ensure that each member is conducting a proper PPP treatment, using the most advanced tools and technology available today.

We pride ourselves in being able to teach any student, regardless of age or employment background, in the art and science of Plasma Skin Treatments.  By having a small class size, and by having years of experience in the beauty industry, we are able to train students in skin, skin care, and plasma pen treatments, no matter how long it takes.  No student has failed, but some students do require more time and effort in order to pass.

Our PPP Training program includes all the materials and supplies necessary to complete the program, and to start your own PPP business, or be able to add PPP to your existing list of services.

What Plasma Machine Do You Use?

We only use the #1 selling pen around the world, the Plamere Plasma Pen!  We are the authorized dealer for North America, and we are sell only authentic Plamere Pens to our students.

Although there are many more programs and trainers globally teaching Plasma Skin Treatments, not all treatments and machines are the same.

Our unit is the most advanced to date, and has enough energy and power to be able to conduct proper Plasma Skin Treatments.  Some machines are not powerful enough to complete a proper treatment, others are too powerful and not necessarily the right choice to complete such a sensitive treatment such as eyelid lifts.

Our unit also comes with two different size needles.  One gauge is the perfect size for sensitive areas such as upper eyelid, lower eyelid or brow lifts, while another gauge is bigger in order to complete larger, thicker areas of the skin, such as: nasal labial folds, chin, face lift, neck, mole or skin tag removal.

Our unit has been tried and tested, and has been used for thousands of treatments, and the results are always outstanding, and the best reviews are from our clients who are enjoying their fabulous results.

In order to complete a proper Plasma Skin Treatment, you need the most reliable, up-to-date, and technologically advanced machine on the market today.  We are constantly upgrading our machine, so that we only provide our students with a machine that we, ourselves, would use during an actual treatment.

Frequency, Wattage, Voltage and range of settings of these units of energy must all work together depending on the type of treatment you are conducting.  If the machine is too powerful, you risk hurting the client, or having unwanted and potentially dangerous side-effects.  Use a machine that isn't powerful enough, and the client will not see any results, and you will receive complaints and get frustrated and possibly quit the industry, or feel that you didn't get your moneys worth out of a program.

At Plasma Pen Pro (PPP) we completed all the searching and testing for the best possible machine for you.  Although Plasma Skin Treatments are relatively new, for aesthetics purposes, there are only a handful of machines that have just the right amount of power to conduct a proper Plasma Skin Treatment procedure.  Not all machines are created equally, and you will find out during our PPP Training Program, what makes a good Plasma Pen Machine, and what the minimum standards requirements are.

The Benefits of Using Our Plasma Pen Pro (PPP) Machine include:

- Multiple Treatment Settings

- Hand Held Device with USB Charging Cable

- One Machine for Multiple Treatments

- Non Invasive Treatment

- Travel Case Included

- High Quality Parts

- Disposable, One Time Use Tip Applicators

- Small and Large Tip Applicators

- FDA and CE Approved

- 1 Year Warranty

How Does Plasma Pen Pro Work?

Plasma is the fourth state of matter along with Solid, Liquid and Gas.  Plasma Pen uses this state matter by ionizing gas in the air and creating an arc or electrical discharge from the probe of the needle attached to the unit.  The best example is a flash of lightning, which is also a form of plasma that is ionized using air as the insulator.  The probe never comes into contact with the surface of the skin.  This tiny arc produces a millimeter size dot on the skin, as the top layer of skin is vaporized in a very controlled manner.  As the skin is vaporized, heat also dissipates into the surrounding skin, causing the skin to contract or tighten.  This is the basis of Plasma Skin Tightening Treatments.

This procedure is perfectly safe, in the right hands.  The technician must be trained properly, certified and insured.  This is the only way to know that the technician has the training and hours of experience in the industry to conduct a proper PPP treatment.

Is Plasma Pen Pro Safe To Use?

Plasma Pen Pro (PPP) is safe to use, ONLY in the right hands!  You wouldn't have your plumber complete a full physical because he is not trained to do so...but you would call him if your toilet wasn't working. 

PPP should only be completed by trained, certified and insured technicians who have taken a course and have had hours of training on live models.  Our students are well trained in skin, skin care, plasma theory and practice on live models to ensure that they understand how to complete a variety of plasma treatments.

If a client sees that you are trained and certified by Plasma Pen Pro (PPP), they understand that they are in good hands, and that you have been properly and fully trained in Plasma Skin Treatments.

Will I Receive A Certificate After Training?

Yes.  Once you successfully complete the PPP Training Program, you will receive a Certificate of Completion that states that you have successfully completed all aspects of the PPP Program, and are a PPP Certified Technician.

If you do not successfully complete the program, you simply need more practice.  We would ask you to continue to practice on non-human skin, as well as human skin using your own volunteers.  Once you submit your photos to use of your work, we will then forward you a Certificate of Completion.

Certification is very important.  Clients want to know that you have had the necessary training in Plasma Skin Treatments to conduct their treatments, but also, some insurance companies may want to see your certificate in order to insure you.  They may also require a letter from Plasma Pen Pro (PPP) Certifying that you attended and passed our course, as well as possibly wanting to see our course outline.

Will I Need Insurance?

Yes.  We highly encourage you to get insured by your issuer before you perform Plasma Pen Pro treatments.

The reason you want to get insured is, like any other treatment, something may go wrong, and you want to be able to have insurance to cover any expenses that may arise out of any errors in procedure that may have occurred.

To date, we, nor any of our students have had to use any sort of insurance as a result of technician error.  If you, the student/technician, follow and use our technique, there shouldn't be any errors that occur.  However, you still want to be covered by insurance to protect yourself, your business, and especially your client.  Your client will be happy to know that you are insured, and that they are protected, should any errors occur.

You should contact your insurance company to ensure that they will cover you to conduct Plasma Pen treatments.  Laws differ in certain states, provinces and countries, and thus we, Plasma Pen Pro, are not responsible for your ability to get insurance, and it is up to every student to ensure they are able to get insurance and to be able to conduct plasma pen treatments.  If in doubt, contact your insurance company and they will advise you further.

***Please note that we are not responsible for a students ability or inability to obtain insurance.  Each student should contact their own insurance company, or our recommended insurance company to first obtain a quote and ensure that they are able to get the required insurance and/or permits, licenses, prior to signing up for the course or taking our training program.  We only instruct plasma fibroblast treatments, we are not responsible for a student being able to complete a plasma fibroblast treatment due to any and all regulations in their Country, State, Province, County, etc***

Are There Any Contraindications?

As with any treatment, there are some contraindications associated with Plasma Pen Pro (PPP) procedures.  These are not limited to, but include:

1) Pregnant or Breastfeeding Women - It is common practice in the medical community not to work on women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.  This treatment may cause some excess stress on the client, which may not be good for baby or fetus, and numbing cream is used (lidocaine, benzocaine, xylocaine), and thus this treatment is not recommend until breastfeeding is completed.

2) Men or Women with skin type 6 or darker 5 - This treatment is not recommended for darker skin types because the carbon deposits that peel off may cause this skin type to hypo-pigment, and thus leaving white dots on the skin, that may not be repaired.

3) Illness - If the client is not feeling well, on antibiotics for an infection, has a fever, etc, this procedure should be postponed until the client is feeling better.  Any of these conditions can increase the risk of negative side-effects, and give poor results.

4) Diabetes - Although it is still possible to complete a PPP treatment on a person with diabetes, careful after-care instructions must be given to the client, and their diabetes must be under control.  The client runs the risk of poor healing and infection, and thus not recommended for those client with uncontrolled diabetes.  A doctors note may be necessary to conduct the treatment.

5) Skin Conditions - If the client has psoriasis, eczema, dry skin, etc.  Any skin condition that is uncontrolled can cause negative skin reactions, infection, complications or negative side effects.  We recommend that the client see their doctor or dermatologist if you have concerns about their skin condition.  A doctors note may be required to complete the treatment.

6) Mental Illness - Some clients may suffer from depression or low body image, etc, and careful examination of the clients mental state is important to determine if they are a good candidate for this type of treatment. 

How Do I Sign Up for a PPP Course?

Simple.  Please click on the PPP Training Dates in the menu above, and find a date and location that best suits you, then click on Register. 

The cost of the course is $4000 USD, which includes Taxes, PPP Kit, and supplies and materials necessary to complete the course and to start your own Plasma Pen Pro (PPP) business.

Once you click on register, you will fill out our short form application, and this will take you to the payment page.  A non-refundable deposit of $2000 USD is necessary to hold your seat.  The remaining payment of $2000 USD can be paid up to 1 week prior to the start date of your class.

We accept Credit Card and Paypal payments.  You do not need a paypal account in order to make a purchase.  You can pay directly with your credit card, or if you have a paypal account, you can sign in and pay via credit card or paypal.  If you don't have a credit card or paypal account, you can email us at and tell us about your situation, and we can help you with an alternate payment solution.

PLEASE NOTE: All deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE, and must be applied towards your Plasma Pen Pro course.  If you are not able to make a class, and give Plasma Pen Pro (PPP) a minimum of 1 weeks notice, we will reschedule your class.  If you are not able to attend at all, we will send you our course material and our PPP KIT and the student will forgo the $2000 USD deposit payment.

What Experience Do I Need?

1 year of experience in the beauty industry is required to take our Plasma Pen Pro course.  The reason being, most insurance company's require our students to have a minimum of 1 year experience in the beauty industry, which can include: Esthetics, Medical Esthetics, Nursing, Medicine, Eyelash Extensions, Permanent Makeup, Lash Lifting, Tattoo, etc.

Although we try our best to give our students the knowledge and assistance to help them find an insurance company, it is always up to the student to find out about insurance and rules and regulations, laws, bylaws, etc, in their state, province, country, etc, so that they are able to practice the art of Plasma Fibroblast.  We are not responsible for finding you the right insurance company, proper certificates or licenses, numbing creams, etc.  This falls solely on the shoulders of the students.  Our job is to train the student on how to conduct a proper plasma fibroblast treatment from beginning to end.

We try to pair more experienced students together so that newbies to the industry do not feel overwhelmed or get left behind, and so that more experienced technicians in the industry can quickly get through the basics and start practicing on live models quickly.

***Please note that we are not responsible for a students ability or inability to obtain permits/licenses/insurance.  Each student should contact their own insurance company, or our recommended insurance company, to first obtain a quote and ensure that they are able to get the required insurance and/or permits, licenses, prior to signing up for the course or taking our training program.  We only instruct plasma fibroblast treatments, we are not responsible for a student being able to complete a plasma fibroblast treatment due to any and all regulations in their Country, State, Province, County, etc***

What is PPP Support Group?

Plasma Pen Pro (PPP) maintains a support group where students can go online and ask for help, ask or give feedback, post pictures, get advise, promote their business, discuss their experiences, etc.

Under our support group, you will also find documentation used for client treatments, including: Consultation Form, Treatment Form, Post-Care Form, Waivers and Consent Forms.  These forms can be printed out and edited for your business.

We currently run the following facebook group: