Financial Opportunity 

Although most technicians love their job, and sincerely are in this business to help those Men and Women around the world with their skin concerns, there is a financial need for each technician that must be met.  We all have bills to pay, mouths to feed, and we must take care of ourselves in order to take care of others, thus, whether you are adding PPP to your existing menu options, or if you are wanting to start a new career in the beauty industry, then you want to make sure that this type of treatment option will ensure you financial success, now and in the future.

We can tell you that from our own experience, that you can be as successful as you want to be with this treatment, as long as you are willing to put the work in.  We at Plasma Pen Pro (PPP) will teach you all we can about the industry and how to conduct proper PPP treatments, however, it is up to each individual student to practice, advertise, and market themselves to the public, and to allow their business to grow and flourish.  Adding or starting a career in the Plasma Industry is a great opportunity for you to become financially independent, and since this market has not been flooded with technicians, such as microblading or permanent makeup, there is plenty of opportunity to rise to the top of the Plasma industry.

You only get out of this program, what you put in to the program!

Cost of the 2-Day PPP Program

The cost of our 2-Day Plasma Pen Pro (PPP) Training and Certification Program is $4000 USD (including taxes).


The cost of the 2-Day Plasma Pen Pro (PPP) Training and Certification Program is actually an investment in your future, not a debt.  The cost of the program can be paid off with your first 4-5 clients that you treat using our PPP method and techniques.  

The cost of the program covers:

1) Training in a Small Class Size for an optimal learning experience.

2) Plasma Pen Pro (PPP) Kit - which contains everything you need to train and start your own business.

3) PPP Training Manual

4) All Practice Materials, Equipment and Supplies - you need only bring yourself and your skills

5) Live Model Training - Work on live models.

6) Certification - All students will receive a Certificate of Completion once they pass the course.

Plasma Skin Treatment Costs

What makes Plasma Skin Treatments such a financial success for each of our Plasma Pen Professionals is the return on investment (ROI).

The cost of consumables is very, very low, and the cost of the treatments remains high because of the nature of the treatment, the skill and education of the PPP technician, and the fact that PPP is still relatively new for aesthetics type treatments.

Here is an average price list for Plasma Skin Treatments (Prices may vary, depending on your location):












Potential Monthly/Yearly Income

Potential income is directly proportional to the amount of work you are willing to put into your business.  If you are wanting to work 3 hours a day, 3 days a week, then you will not make as much as dedicated and hardworking PPP Tech wanting to work 5 days a week, 8 hours a day.

Ask any small business owner what hours they work, and you will ultimately hear "24 hours a day, 7 days a week!".  You may not own your own business, right now, and you may not want to, but you will need to put in the work in order to be successful, in whatever career you may choose.

If you are willing to put the work in, market yourself, market your business, practice your skills and continue your education in skin, skincare and plasma skin treatments, then here is a table of potential income you may receive based on certain averages in the industry (see below).

Based on the pricing chart above, the average cost of a treatment is $600.  The average time required to do a PPP treatment is 30 minutes (not including numbing, which may take up to 1 hour - but not actual work is being completed).

Here is a table that shows your monthly and yearly potential income, based on a $600 average treatment:

As you can clearly see, there is a lot of potential income to be made from being a Plasma Pen Professional Technician, and conducting Plasma Skin Treatments.