Plasma Pen Pro (PPP) Training

The cost of our Plamere Plasma Pen Pro Training Program is $4000 USD.  This cost includes the Plamere Plasma Pen, training, manual, accessories, adapter, taxes, materials and supplies.


With our intensive PPP Training course, it will be almost impossible for a student to remember every little detail, definition, process, procedure, etc, that we will be going through during your 2-Day training program.

We provide all our students with a detailed manual, which they will get to take home and be able to refer to in case they forget an item, or haven't practiced for a certain period of time, and need to review a process or procedure.

The PPP Manual contains information on:

- Skin Anatomy and Physiology for PPP

- Contraindications and Skin Type Assessment

- Pre and Post Care Instructions, Side-Effects

- Anesthetics 

- Treatment Types

- Process and Procedures

- Using your Plasma Pen Device

- Consultations, Waivers, Policies, etc

- Practicing on Non-Human 

- Practicing on Live Models

- Marketing and Advertising

Plasma Pen Pro (PPP) Machine

In order to complete a proper Plasma Skin Treatment, you need the most reliable, up-to-date, and technologically advanced machine on the market today.  We are constantly upgrading our machine, so that we only provide our students with a machine that we, ourselves, would use during an actual treatment.

Frequency, Wattage, Voltage and range of settings of these units of energy must all work together depending on the type of treatment you are conducting.  If the machine is too powerful, you risk hurting the client, or having unwanted and potentially dangerous side-effects.  Use a machine that isn't powerful enough, and the client will not see any results, and you will receive complaints and get frustrated and possibly quit the industry, or feel that you didn't get your moneys worth out of a program.

At Plasma Pen Pro (PPP) we completed all the searching and testing for the best possible machine for you.  Although Plasma Skin Treatments are relatively new, for aesthetics purposes, there are only a handful of machines that have just the right amount of power to conduct a proper Plasma Skin Treatment procedure.  Not all machines are created equally, and you will find out during our PPP Training Program, what makes a good Plasma Pen Machine, and what the minimum standards requirements are.

The Benefits of Using Our Plasma Pen Pro (PPP) Machine include:

- Multiple Treatment Settings

- Hand Held Device with USB Charging Cable

- One Machine for Multiple Treatments

- Non Invasive Treatment

- Travel Case Included

- High Quality Parts

- Multiple Attachments

- FDA Approved and CE Approved

- 1 Year Warranty

2-Day Plamere Plasma Pen Training

Our 2-Day Intensive Training Program is rigorous in nature, however, the learning curve for this program is relatively high, and most students learn the process of completing a plasma skin treatment very quickly.

Be advised that some training programs are 2-days, and others 4-days, but regardless of the amount of days of training, there is no way that a student becomes an expert by the end of the program.  Once the program ends, that is when the learning really begins.  The student is expected to go home and continue to practice this skill on their own models, until it becomes second nature.

The difference between PPP and other training programs is the support we offer.  We leave no PPP Student behind.  If a student needs extra help, or is having significant trouble learning this art, or needs to just talk things through, PPP will provide that support.  From shadowing to attending a secondary class, we've backed up our students to ensure their success.  

Here is a sample itinerary of a PPP 2-Day Training Program:

Plasma Pen Pro Training - Day 1

10am - Intro and Greeting

10:30am - 12pm - Skin Anatomy and Physiology as it relates to Plasma Pen Pro treatments

12pm - 1pm - Safety and Hygiene, Side Effects, Contraindications, Skin Type, Pre and Post Care, etc.

1pm - 2pm - Plasma Pen Pro Pre and Post Care Instructions and Follow-Up

2pm - 3pm - Plasma Kit, Practice on Non-Human Skin (Practice Materials Provided).

3pm - Client Consultation and Numbing of Clients

4pm - 5pm - Practice on Live Clients

5pm - End of Day 1

Plasma Pen Pro Training - Day 2

10am - Question and Answer Period and Review of Day 1

11am - Plasma Pen Pro Consultations, Anasthetic Use and Application, Marketing and SEO

11:30am - 4:30pm - Work on Live Models

4:30pm - Question and Answer Period, Review of Plasma Pen Pro Program

5pm - End of Day 2

**This is a sample itinerary and items may change depending on a variety of situations and considerations**

Live Model Practicum 

75% of our PPP program is geared to actually working on live skin from day 1.  Our course focuses on actual treatments, rather than just discussing the treatments.  The first 3-4 hours of the course deals with the theory or science behind Plasma and how it affects the skin.  In the afternoon session of the first day, students get to start working on non-human skin to practice and understand the science of using our PPP Device.  Once students understand how to use the pen, we start to work on live skin.


Models are provided by Plasma Pen Pro (PPP), and we are usually able to work on many skin issues on one single client, ie. Mole Removal, Skin Tag Removal, Wrinkle Removal, Eyelid Lift, etc.  That being said, we advise that students have their own models on hand, if possible, in case they would like to work on more skin.  Please be advised that all students will get to practice on models.


Working on live models allows each student to gain the confidence needed to complete Plasma Skin Treatments in their own office. 

We try to provide a variety of live models, when available, but we ask students to volunteer or bring their own models when possible.